Attune Software | Ecommerce
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If direct online sales of goods and services are crucial for your business, Attune Corporation will provide e-commerce solutions that can be directly integrated into content management systems to make your online store management simple and efficient.


We can decant your products and service descriptions into great looking custom templates. Alternatively, we can build your ecommerce portal from grounds up. Persona creation is followed by real user testing, user experience and user flows. We map out the complete journey of ecommerce web development with focus on conversions, upsell and buyer satisfaction. Our team can also measure the actual performance and continually improve the user experience on your portals.


Key Benefits of our E-commerce Development Solutions include:


  • Responsive Web Design: To improve your online conversions and sales, we make your e-commerce web design responsive to mobile and tablet screens.
  • Managed Services: We understand your website and its infrastructure. Our managed services help you to free up your resources and bring maximum lifetime value to your e-commerce investment.
  • Optimization: While developing your website we also work upon its SEO, user testing, analytics reviews, and conversion optimization. With incremental improvements to your site, we can help you in significant revenue boosting over time.


Attune Corporation gives you tailored shopping carts with payment card industry compliance, custom reports and product management capabilities. We love creating websites that sell competitively.