Attune Software | Cloud Intranet
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Cloud Intranet

The Cloud Intranet solutions provided by Attune Corporation help you to make collaboration and communication across your business more efficient. We design central platforms that connect your employees and offer information in a timely and targeted manner to improve business processes, manage compliance and improve day-to-day operations of end users.


We can work with your team to outline a comprehensive plan based on your organization’s distinct work culture. At Attune we make sure that the solutions to your business needs are reflected in the final product. Throughout the development phase we are focused on tailoring the look and feel of your platform instead of crafting bulky infrastructure.


Key Benefits of our Cloud Intranet Solutions include:


  • Detailed Customization: We ensure that your portal looks, feels and acts like you expect it to.
  • Responsive Design: We develop Cloud Intranet to change layouts and views for mobile and tablet devices.
  • Integration: Our solutions can seamlessly integrate with Google Apps, and different third party systems.


Besides implementing and integrating the Intranet, we can help you manage the support and ongoing maintenance for your Cloud based portals. Attune Corporation also facilitates change management to drive user adoption.